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Belt Metal Detector NHK40

Metal detector Checking equipment

Belt Metal Detector

Designed for food processing and pharmaceutical industry.

Belt Metal Detector Features

The detecting head made in Germany, High sensitive and stability.
Intelligent product study mode can fit for more types of product.
Detecting sensitivity and phase angle dividable adjustment, two frequencies optional.
Use LCD display and touch-key integrated panel, friendly interface and easy to operation.
Based on digital signal processing technology, High accuracy detection.
IP65 product degree and strong stainless steel frame.

Belt Metal Detector Purpose

Designed for food industrial and pharmaceutical industrial use.
Also can fit for detecting the chemical products, rubber products.

Belt Metal Detector

Detection Method: Balanced Coil
Detection Adjustment: Sensitive (1%-100%) Phase Angle (0-180) Adjustable
Alarm Method: Buzzer, LED
Belt Speed: 18-36m/min (Adjustable)
Tunnel Width: 400mm
Power Source: AC115V/230V - 50/60Hz - 180VA

Belt Metal Detector Specification

NHK Model/Basic Sensitivity Fe SUS Non-Fe 
NHK-40/100mm 0.63mm 1.1mm 0.69mm
NHK-40/125mm 0.73mm 1.3mm 0.8mm
NHK-40/150mm 0.83mm 1.4mm 0.91mm
NHK-40/200mm 1.03mm 1.6mm 1.13mm 

The specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the
working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting
under non-standard condition.