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Incline conveyor

Incline conveyor

Incline conveyor

Model: NHK-5-1
Charging Capacity: 1 cbm/hr.
Powder Supply: 0,25kw 
Belt width: 200mm
Total Weight: 80kg

Incline charging conveyor

Model: NHK-5-2
Charging Capacity: 2 cbm/hr.
Powder Supply: 0,55kw 
Belt width: 250mm
Total Weight: 90kg

Incline charging conveyor

Model: NHK-5-3
Charging Capacity: 3 cbm/hr.
Powder Supply: 0,75kw 
Belt width: 300mm
Total Weight: 100kg

Incline conveyor specification

Power Supply: 3Phase 400V 50-60Hz 
Charging Height: General 850mm, Different feeding height can be designed
Charging angle: General 45 degree, special requirement 30degree and 60degree
Remark Other charging capacity can be designed