Packaging machinery

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Inline inspection equipment

Designed for pharmaceutical and food processing industry.
Hygienic machine design
User-friendly operation and visualization

Advanced solutions for check weighing:

Ensuring the highest level of quality and safety
Industry-Leading Performance Level
50% Improvement in weighing speed and accuracy

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Outstanding Food Safety

•antibacterial conveyor belt
•waterproof models IP67 compliant; temperature water washing
•minimization of dust accumulation
•ease of cleaning and high level of food safety due to flat design and open frame structure
•antibacterial conveyor belt made of resin
•compliant with HACCP and EHEDG

Reliability & Safety

•optional all-direction reject verification function

Ease Cleaning & Maintenance

•efficient cleaning and maintenance as well as reduced downtime
•easy maintenance and repair due to modularization of parts
•easy tool-free removal and reattachment of conveyors
•anti-error monitor and alert function (weighing error, photo sensor error, etc.)

Overall Versatility

On-site height adjustment possible.
The main frame and the legs can be separated easily.
A variety of leg lengths enables almost any requirement to be met without major modifications.
The compact and flexible design enables the unit to be replaced and to be installed into almost any production line without major modifications.