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Multi head weigher IP65 with 10 or 14 heads

The weigher is IP65 in Aisi 1.4301 Stainless Steel, durable in tough environments

Multi head weigher IP65 with 10 and 14 head

Multihead weighing uses a combination principle to solve complicated portion weighing tasks. By using multiple load cells it is possible to achieve high precision and speed while at the same time reducing giveaway considerably.

IP65 multihead weighers in hygienic design

Designed to meet the increasing demand of precision and speed during the weighing process. We believe in solving complicated portion weighing tasks through the simplest possible solutions. In addition, our solutions result in reduced giveaway and increased capacity.

Requirements of hygienic design for food processing equipment

The IP65 multihead weighers can be used for a variety of dry products including shellfish, vegetables, fruit, bakery, dairy, poultry, meat, pet food and non-food. Different product contact surfaces on the weigher ensure an unproblematic flow throughout the weighing process, whether the product is dry or fragile.

The capacity of our multihead weighers depends on product, number of channels and weighing pan size. Capacities range from 60 to 140 exact portions per minute.

Food processing equipment manufacturers

The multihead weigher is the third generation of hygienic weighers, and all parts have been upgraded. The design is simplified with a completely closed unit to allow easy and quick cleaning.

We offers complete weighing, filling and packing lines for cans/glass jars, bags, trays, buckets, cups, etc.