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Multihead Weigher 14 Head with 2.5L Buckets

Multihead Weigher 14 Head with 2.5L Buckets

Multihead Weigher 14 Head 2.5L buckets and full stainless steel 304 frame

Multihead Weigher Technical Data Function:

  • Dry & Processed food, Fresh food; Example: Snack Food, Seeds, Coffee beans, Tea, sugar, Grated cheese, Bakery Products, Candies, Confectionery, Rice, Peanut, Cashews, Almond, Nuts, Dried fruit, Spices, Small pasta pieces, Pet food, Pellets, Grain etc.
  • Other: Non Food; Example: Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Auto parts, Electrical parts, Plumming parts etc.

Multihead Weigher Features:

  • The 14 head weigher uses the digital sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capability.
  • The frame is IP65 Stainless Steel.
  • Step motor and load cell unit in Aluminum or Stainless Steel.
  • Statistical Data-Inspect on screen and via optional printer output.
  • 10" touch screen
  • Operation language: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Polish and Romanian.
  • Options: Dimpled plate on all product contact surfaces, Overweight discharge equipment and Collection hopper.

Multihead Weigher Main Technical Data:

Model: NHK-2G-14H-25L
Weighing Range: 10g to 3000g
Weighing Accuracy: 0.1g to 2.0g
Weighing Speed: 120 WPM
Power Supply: 230VAC - 50/60Hz - 2.5Kw
Hopper Volume: 2.5L Double Door
Display: 10" Touch Screen
Note 1: Actual weighing speed depend on the specific product
Note 2: Simple over all drawing of the weigher can be sent by email on request

Dry chiliDry pastaSmall onion

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